behavioral factors seo

User behavioral factors for Google and Yandex

I leave here a few pointers which I appreciate behavioral factors on the website to optimize the website for search engines.

CTR of the website in SERP

  • Clickability page title (the title should attract the visitor)
  • Informative snippet (description must clearly disclose the nature of the page)
  • Company contacts (phone, physical address)
  • Quick links (links to the important pages of the site (directory, contacts, payment, etc.))
  • Breadcrumbs (path from the home page, to the selected search engine page
  • Extended snippets for Yandex (depending on the website activities, read more:
  • YML data for Yandex (information about price and product characteristics)
  • Social links (links to groups and pages in the social Networks)
  • Register a domain (for example, attractive

Reducing bounce rate

  • Сheck relevance of input-page (see its relevance to the search phrase)
  • The absence of broken links (exclude the possible presence in search results pages that no longer exist)
  • Fast page load speed (no one likes to wait for the debt loading of pages, ideally no more than 4 seconds)
  • Availability of assistance to a visitor on the page (standard form online assistant)
  • Information about the reputation of the website. (always a plus in the site template to make a block with the achievements and awards of the company)

Increase clicks on the website

  • Competent site structure (i.e. if even a novice Internet user will not be able without much complex reasoning to find the information, it is necessary to modify the structure of the website, to the most clear)
  • Tips (top articles, popular products, etc.)
  • Contextual linking (for the benefit of the visitor in the first place)
  • Banners and teasers (allocated to important moments of this tool)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Detailed menu of the site (looking for balance between important sections of the site and the lack of pages, the second of importance in the main menu)
  • The breakdown of the bulk material into several parts. (If the material is difficult to digest at once, split it into several parts, what will help the visitor to remember structured information, and your site will increase the views)

The increase in time on site

  • The usability of the site. Tip: do not skimp on time or money for a proper audit of your website experience.
  • Useful tools (cost calculator, selection of suitable product, a forecast of the result of the work, etc.)
  • Unique (content) information on the website. (Why would anyone want to watch “foul” old?)
  • Proper design of the information/services/products of the site (if the visitor will be provided with all information that concerned him, most likely he will become Your customer)
  • Videos (but do not forget about copyrights)